“There is a connectiveness, a sweetness, a magic in art that is never to be rushed." This has long been the philosophy of Santa Fe artist Alice Bailey, who has immersed herself in a lifetime journey of creativity. For more than 30 years, her work has brought her through the worlds of fashion, costuming, interior design, painting, mosaics and jewelry.

“Color and texture excite me,” explains Bailey. “My aim is to embed an energetic flow into my pieces that will translate into the viewers experience. I am often surprised by where this meditative flow takes me and my work.”

Inspired by the remarkable mosaics of Gaudi in Parc Guell in Barcelona, Alice has spent the past fifteen  years transforming her wildly innovative, self-designed home and studio into a mosaic wonderland filled with colorful ceramic mosaics on exterior benches, interior and exterior walls, and her newest passion – one-of-a-kind free-standing mosaic sculptures.

  Reflective to her jewelry designs, Alice’s mosaic sculptures integrate gems, minerals, fossils and natural stones to embody elegance and motion from every angle; clearly revealing her passion for color and texture.

Her enchanting mosaic sculptures burst with a creative spirit that is all at once abstract, joyful and deeply alluring. The beauty of her sculptures offers the individual dance of interpretation for each viewer.


Meet Alice 1000
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