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Are the mosaics signed? Yes!

The signature with the AB logo is on a small tile piece.

What are the armatures  made of?

High-fire clay, very strong!

Who makes them?

Alice Bailey creates each one-of-a-kind piece herself.

Can I put them outside?

No, they are for indoor use only.

How do I clean it?

Simply spray with warm water, not hot, at the kitchen sink and allow to air-dry.

Do not soak in water.

Do they come with a turntable?

Yes, the tabletop models come with a black Lucite turntable.

Are they One-Of-A-Kind?


Do you accept commissions?

Yes, but only for mosaics sculptures.

How large a piece can I commission?

It's flexible but about 2 feet tall.

Do you teach ?

Yes, just one on one.

How do I hang a wall piece?

The wall mosaics  have a very strong picture wire embedded in the back. Simply create a secure attachment on your wall and hang as you would a painting. 

Are the mosaics translucent?

No, the substrates, as well as the stones, are opaque.

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